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What Age Do You Feel? Part One.

What Age Do You Feel? Part One.

To get back my youth I would do anything in the world, except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable.
— Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oh hello. Forgive the tardy post. Parenthood and full-time work got the best of us. We are now ready to refocus and devote time to you, our dear readership. Thank you to all the old and new friends, from near and far, who continue to visit the site. It's been gratifying to see steady readership and to hear from entrepreneurs from the far flung corners of the globe. We are thrilled to be back.

So, back to our last post - what age do you feel? We posed this question to a mix of friends a few months ago. Some of them have celebrated birthdays since they answered the question. New babies have entered the world. New jobs have been started. Wouldn't it be fun to go back each year to see how their answers stay the same or change? Read below for some delightful responses. 

Marc - 40. I feel 19 because I'm optimistic, hopeful and energetic about seeking a new career, friends and a town to call home. 

Heather - 34. I'm 27 because that was the last time I celebrated a birthday for myself. Every other birthday has been a more purposeful and meaningful one that I've shared with my boys as a mother. 

Laura - 40.  I feel like I'm 34 because I'm the oldest mother (by far) in my rural area and because moving to a rural area slows/regresses my career --which I'm not saying is a negative...

Brandon - "Other." [In the Midfield Note: Brandon - you are funny and congrats on the new baby.]

Kiran - 40 something. I feel like I'm 80 because...newborn. [In the Midfield Note: We totally get it!]

Sabah - 40. I feel 40. But, before that I felt 27 for years - it was an age I really liked; I knew exactly what I was doing and where I was going. Now I've decided to own [my] 40s because I know exactly what I'm doing and where I'm going. 

Peter - Mid 30s. 18. Marriage. Kids. They make me [have a purpose]. Everything I do matters because it's not about me; it's for my family. That's invigorating. I say 18 because that was the last time I had the energy I have now. Then I was figuring out what to do with my life --I'd say I still am--but it's not like in my 20s when I was blithely reckless. Instead the vigor comes from the serene satisfaction of knowing there is much to do and somehow it will all get done...These are rich times. I imagine down the road these are the days I'll be nostalgic for. That feel like 18. [In the Midfield Note: Congrats on baby #2's arrival!!!!]

Jiffy - 34. I feel 28 because that's when I got pregnant an that sort of stopped time with all the changes motherhood brought to my life. I know years have passed, but in my brain, I could walk back into my 28 year old life and just pick up right where I left off...

Kirstina - 37. I don't know how old I feel. Maybe "pretty-damn-good years old." [In the Midfield Note: Can we please frame this quote?"]

Picture Credit: The Womb Room - UK site to help empower and educate women about reproductive health.

Do You Feel Your Age? The Series.

Do You Feel Your Age? The Series.