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Confessions of a Dermatologist: Take Control of Oily Summer Skin

Confessions of a Dermatologist: Take Control of Oily Summer Skin

Dr. Sejal Shah is our skin savior. She recently laid out the fundamentals for flawless "I woke up like this" skin. Now she tackles how to control that slick, oily layer that is sitting on your skin, piled up from the heat and sweat of the summer months. Shiny face can impact even the most pulled together gents and ladies. We've all been there. For real. Take control and make sure your healthy glow is just that:

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you may have noticed that the summertime is no friend of yours. Even if your skin isn't oily, it may feel oilier than usual. Hot and humid weather actually tends to make your oil glands produce more oil.

So what's a gal or guy to do? Don't panic. Here are some tips for shine control when you're stuck in a heat wave. 

Change up Your Wash
We know you are wedded to the face wash you've been using since your teens and early 20s. Well, it's time to switch things up and use a wash with alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy acids, or tea tree oil to help balance the oil.  

Tone Things Up with a Toner
If washing twice a day isn't keeping the oil at bay, try adding in an alcohol-free toner to absorb some of that excess oil. It takes seconds to use and make a world of difference. 

A Mask Is Your Friend
Consider using a clay mask once or twice a week to absorb some of that excess oil. Remember, if you find that using an oil-balancing cleanser, a toner and a mask leaves your skin feeling very tight or even oilier than usual, then you may be over-drying your skin. Listen to your body and scale back on one of your skin tools if your skin is getting overly sensitive.

Don't Stop Your Sunscreen. Ever.
People often make the mistake of avoiding sunscreen because they feel that it makes their skin greasier, but this does more harm than good. Instead of eliminating the sunscreen completely, pick up a mineral based sunscreen or look for one with denatured alcohol, which makes the skin look matte. 

Lighten Up Your Routine
During the summer, take all your products, including your makeup, down a notch. For example, switch out your creams for lotions. If you are already using a lotion, try hydrating serums. Instead of a heavy foundation, try a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Your skin will thank you and you'll save some time in the morning.   

Don't Forget About Blotting Papers
Unlike powder, blotting papers won't leave you a cakey mess. Also, they are great because they soak up excess oil without stripping the skin, so you can't really overuse them. (In the Midfield Side Note: We've spied legions of New Yorkers religiously using these this summer.)

When All Else Fails, See a Pro
You've tried everything and are at your wit's end, take a deep breath. Dermatologists have many in-office treatments and prescriptions in their toolbox that can tackle this greasy problem. If your home remedies aren't cutting it, then it's time to make an appointment.

Hopefully, these tips will keep your skin looking it's best when the heat and humidity are at their worst.   

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Sejal K. Shah, M.D. is a board certified dermatologist in SmarterSkin Dermatology, a private practice in Manhattan. She practices all aspects of dermatology with an expertise in cosmetic dermatology and lasers, hair loss and ethnic skin. Dr. Shah utilizes the latest treatments and technologies to enhance her patients’ natural beauty. (Full Bio)

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