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Let Them Eat Cake! Infinite Layers Bakery

Let Them Eat Cake! Infinite Layers Bakery

We love reconnecting with classmates as adults. We've known Michele Porter for years and were thrilled to discover her amazing bakery, Infinite Layers. Michele was always a creative force and trend-setter at school, so we're not surprised she is a rock-star entrepreneur AND soon to be mum of two! Oh by the way, she's also ridiculously kind and smart. We could go on and on. For months we've been salivating over the portraits of her creations filling our Facebook feed. Michele graciously agreed to take time out from her busy schedule to tell us about her bakery. For now, the business is exclusively working with clients in Austria, (Michele's home base), but we have a sneaking suspicion that special orders from far-flung locations are in Ms. Porter's future. (We're thinking maybe a summer baking residence in the Hamptons with UberEats deliveries into Manhattan (just an idea).)

In the Midfield (ITM): What prompted you to start the business?

Infinite Layers: I got into baking cakes as a hobby. I started watching tutorials online that a university friend of mine was posting on YouTube and really enjoyed learning new techniques. I tried my new skills for my son, Riley's, first birthday cake and the result was met with such a wonderful response. I was asked to do another birthday cake for a friend and after that I kept receiving new orders.

ITM: Where does the design inspiration come from?

Infinite Layers: My inspiration comes from everything and anything. If I'm asked to create a cake, I'm often given a theme which I then research. I gather my ideas and draw a sketch of what I plan to create. If I'm stuck on ideas, I also get a lot of great inspiration from other cake artists that showcase work on Pinterest. I always try to put my own personal touch on each cake and try to always use a muted color palette. 

ITM: You mentioned you get orders through word-of-mouth. Is that how most of your clients hear about Infinite Layers?

Infinite Layers: Yes, my clients mostly hear about me through friends and family. I have also had a few requests from people who follow me on Instagram. The more cakes I make, the more orders I get in every month. I'm so lucky to have supportive friends that order cake designs from me and then avidly share my work on Facebook. This generates interest and great advertising for my business. I recently had my biggest order for a wedding cake for 250 guests. Sadly, I had to decline the offer as the delivery date fell in the exact week I am scheduled to have my baby girl! 

ITM: Oh too funny! Maybe you can do their 1st year anniversary cake instead! So, how do customers get their hands on one of your creations? 

Infinite Layers: Since I'm a mother of a highly active two year old boy, and I'm about to have my second baby in July, I tend to only accept bookings for cakes ordered within Austria. Depending on how far the customer lives, I will either deliver the cake or have them pick it up. 

ITM: Do you have any entrepreneur advice to share?

Infinite Layers: I hope the orders keep flooding in after my little lady is born because I really enjoy my work. I love the diversity and freedom I have in creating something special and scrumptious. I especially adore making people happy and truly enjoy seeing people's reactions to the cake creations. My mother always said to me to love what you do in business, and it will show in your work. My work mantra will always be to, "Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life". 

Thank you Michele! That's smart advice from your mother - we couldn't agree more! We can't wait to sample your work on our next trip to Austria! 

For all the cake lovers of the world, check out Infinite Layers on Facebook and follow Michele's work on Instagram @Micheleporter. #CakeLife

Picture Credits: Infinite Layers Bakery, courtesy of Michele Porter

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