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Leather for All Seasons: Larsen & Lund

Leather for All Seasons: Larsen & Lund

You never know who you will meet at a wedding. We found ourselves seated next to Lindsey Mortensen Hirway, the founder of L.A. fashion and accessories company, Larsen & Lund. We'd noticed her style as we walked into our friend's wedding ceremony. During the reception, in between toasting the bride (a dear mutual friend), we quizzed Lindsey about her line.

Larsen & Lund offers sexy, minimalist, functional designs where the leather is upcycled; in other words, sourced from leather manufacturers' unused pieces. The company reduces the bag production waste footprint and uses the leather to create limited-edition collections. Launching in 2013 with a successful Kickstarter campaign, the brand has since expanded its product line and has an online store. 

We were thrilled to interview Lindsey to learn more about her fantastic company. And, we can't wait to get our hands on one of her bucket and shoulder bags.

In the Midfield (ITM): What made you finally launch your brand? Champagne courage? A burning desire to branch out on your own? 

Lindsey (Larsen & Lund): I decided to launch Larsen & Lund after a few years working and designing for other companies. I felt like I wasn't fulfilling my potential. My husband was and still is, a huge cheerleader for my design work. He encouraged me to create something of my own.

ITM: What's the meaning behind the brand's name?

Larsen & Lund: Lund is my mom’s maiden name and Larsen is my paternal grandmother’s maiden name. The brand name is a special way of honoring both sides of my family.

ITM: Does L.A. influence your design?

Larsen & Lund: Absolutely! L.A. evokes a way of life that is easy-going and effortless, which I love. The easy-going style is also reflected in a lot of the modernist architecture that’s around the city. I’m always trying to find ways to translate that feeling into what I create for Larsen & Lund.

ITM: What is the inspiration behind the bags?

Larsen & Lund: My inspiration always comes out of a practical need for something. Whether it’s for myself or someone else. I design bags in order to make life easier and streamlined.

ITM: If you hit a wall in the design or marketing side of the business is there something specific you do to de-stress? 

Larsen & Lund: I’m in a constant state of being kind of stressed out, and I always find that some kind of physical activity, whether it’s running or hiking or yoga, always relaxes me. Exercise helps me think clearly.

ITM: What is your ideal collaboration if you could pick any brand to partner with?

Larsen & Lund: Heath Ceramics! [ITM: We checked out their site - Clean, California ceramics and home design!]

ITM: Is there an actress or public figure who you envision your bags would look good on?

Larsen & Lund: Abigail Spencer [True Detective, Rectify etc.]. She’s so chic and makes everything look great! [ITM: We found @abigailspencer sporting a Larsen & Lund on Instagram!]

ITM: Do you have a favorite bag? (Is that like asking a parent which child is the favorite?) 

Larsen & Lund: Haha! I’d have to say my favorite is the Shoulder Bag in Denim & Leather. I use it everyday, and I love that I can use it for everything.

ITM: Are there any projects on the horizon you want your fans to know about? 

Larsen & Lund: I’m really excited about an all leather backpack I’m currently developing for a collaboration!

ITM: What's the best advice you've ever been given?

Larsen & Lund: My grandfather used to say this: “It’s not the things you do you regret, it’s the things you don’t do”. I always think about that when I have to make an important decision.

ITM: Any shout-outs? 

Larsen & Lund: Song Exploder, The One AM Radio, Hrishikesh, Jose, Brian and Mary! 

ITM: Thanks Lindsey! Check out Larsen & Lund's products and follow them on @larsenandlund to get updates on new lines, collaborations and deals. 

Please note all images have been used with permission from Larsen & Lund.

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